What We Offer

What We Stand For

To us, steel is not just our product; it’s our profession. In more than 20 years in business, Metal Works has forged a solid reputation for being:
  • Professional
  • Prompt
  • Precise
  • Personable

Here are the qualities and services that define Metal Works:

Precision is a matter of pride

Metal Works has worked hard for numerous prestigious certifications for our customers and are proud to offer the following: LA Certification - AISC - STD (Standard for Steel Building Structures) - AISC - SBR (Simple Steel Bridges) - Caltrans – Welded Steel for Overhead Sign Structures

Our shop is clean and well organized

Our Quality Control Team takes detail to the nth degree. They exist for one purpose only: to prevent errors from reaching the field.

Our Emergency Response Team… the other side of Quality Control

The Emergency Response Team handles issues in the field, making things right with the customer – without pointing fingers.

Deadlines drive us

We’re known for our sensitivity to customer schedules. When given a deadline, we go into overdrive to hit it. That’s the Metal Works way.

Accessible people, informed answers

Customer calls are answered by a helpful Metal Works team member, not a machine. We believe great steel deserves great service to back it up.

Applying the technology edge

In an industry known for being low tech, Metal Works has always been a trendsetter.
We employ technology in all aspects of our business. That includes investing in top-of-the-line equipment, as well as the latest communication and organization tools for our office and field staff.



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