At Metal Works, our monthly meetings are always tasty!

Our employees get the updates they need in the most delicious way.

Metal Works is a steel fabricator, and working here’s not like working in an office tower—so monthly meetings aren’t like the ones offices have, either. Instead of a dry, death-by-PowerPoint affair, Metal Works has a monthly barbecue, hosted by management on the shop floor, where some of the most important parts of our business happen.

We say thanks with a great meal.

Metal Works knows every employee in the company is important, but the company couldn’t exist without the floor workers who work hard every day through the elements. So as a way to thank them, the company built a top-of-the-line (one of a kind!) barbecue/smoker with several rotisseries that gets put to use once a month—because, after all, custom steel fabrication is what Metal Works is all about.

The menu varies from month to month. Most times, our maintenance department staff will do the barbecuing. And at holiday time, dinner is catered and everyone goes home with a gift!

Everyone leaves with a full stomach and some new knowledge.

While we eat, there’s also business to discuss. With everyone under one roof, it’s the perfect time for the senior staff to update employees on what’s going on at Metal Works. Topics include safety training, Quality Control statuses, jobs coming down the pike, or even a motivational video. But the main focus of these get-togethers is enjoying each other’s company and eating some great food.

The barbecue is once a month, but the culture is every day.

It’s at events like our monthly barbecue when Metal Works’ culture shines through. Every employee is valuable, and this event gives the company an opportunity to show appreciation for everyone’s contributions. This is especially true for production workers, who do the heavy lifting in the metal fabrication industry.

Metal Works has made a name for itself as one of California’s best fabrication companies and is rapidly establishing itself as an employer of choice for people entering the industry. If you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career as a welder, check out Metal Works!

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