Did you know: Enloe visits once a year!

Annual health checks are just another way we take care of our team

At Metal Works, we’re proud of the way we treat our employees. We often recruit new employees from Butte College, and they tend to stick around—because Metal Works provides just the right level of challenge, job satisfaction, opportunity for advancement, and popular fringe benefits like our regular employee barbecues.

Metal Works is Committed to Employee Wellness

One of the unique benefits we offer our employees is a yearly health checkup. Staff from nearby Enloe Medical Center come to our campus in Oroville and offer a comprehensive set of tests to our staff and their spouses.

These tests, which are entirely voluntary and provided free of charge, consist of a blood draw, a body fluid analysis, and a Body Mass Index evaluation. Results take about a week and are delivered in person by Enloe staff, who then remain on campus to answer any questions and provide next steps for everyone.

The Overwhelmingly Positive Response from Our Staff

While these procedures aren’t mandatory, most employees choose to take us up on the offer because they recognize the benefits of this proactive approach. Nearly every year, an employee discovers something about their health they were unaware of, like hypertension, elevated cholesterol, kidney problems, or even leukemia. In every case, outcomes are better with earlier detection, and without this annual checkup, these conditions could have taken months or even years to detect.

Staying Healthy Moving Forward

In 2024, Enloe Medical will continue this testing, now incorporating MyChart, a personalized, secure online tool for employees to track their test results and other health information.

At Metal Works, our employees are our family, and we do everything in our power to keep our family safe and healthy. To find out more about joining the Metal Works family, visit our hiring page!

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