Storm drains

Drainage Solutions: The Hidden Wonders Beneath Our Skylines

Did you know Metal Works builds these, too?

At Metal Works, we have the opportunity to collaborate on many exciting projects and beautiful, functional, and innovative buildings. But did you know we also fabricate items that go under your feet and under the street?

Drainage Solutions for Water Control

When siting new construction, engineers spend a lot of time considering how to manage the impact of elements such as rain or heat on a building. One of the most important things they plan for is site drainage. 

In urban areas, or in places prone to flooding, water control is key. Drainage solutions delay water on its way off the property and into municipal stormwater systems so as not to overwhelm them and flood a whole area. 

Some examples of drainage solutions include:

  • Hillside Anchor Assemblies: A strategic combination of drains and anchors to control water, perfect for building on slopes.
  • Grates: Used to manage the flow of moderate to large amounts of water while blocking debris from the waterways.
  • Curb Angles: Support elements for drain inlets at sidewalks.
  • Debris Racks: Designed as a cover to stop debris from flowing in or out of a space meant for liquid.
  • Slotted Drains: This long, linear drain grate is incorporated into corrugated metal pipes underground.
  • Trench Drains: This linear-style solution uses a long row of grates to manage standing water or water runoff over a large area.
Storm drains

What Drainage Solutions Does Your Project Need?

Next time you look at beautiful construction, try to envision it in a two-day torrential downpour. The infrastructure underneath simply has to do its job well, or it doesn’t matter how nice the part above ground is! You need a drainage system that can keep the water away in a responsible, controlled manner.

Here at Metal Works, we’ve seen all sorts of drainage solutions in action and know exactly what can get the job done—steel. Why? Because even through heavy debris, unpredictable climates, harsh chemicals, and endless amounts of water, it stays strong, and when galvanized, it doesn’t rust.

We have plenty of “off the rack” solutions ready to go, like the ones mentioned above, but we can also work directly with you on a custom drainage project for your unique property. From Caltrans grates and frames to anchor assemblies and everything in between, we’ll find the perfect match. Find out more about our drainage components, and contact us today to discuss your next project!

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