From Design to Delivery: The Metal Works Fabrication Process

What’s it like to work with Metal Works?

Every fabrication project is different, but from a production standpoint, there’s a formula to achieve success. Metal Works has evolved a common approach to each job, allowing us to streamline the process and complete jobs to spec—on time and on budget.

Kicking Off the Fabrication Process

It all starts with the arrival of an RFQ—a Request for Quote from a potential client. Metal Works staff looks at the parameters of the job, identifying all processes, materials, and personnel involved. Sometimes we send back an RFI—Request for Information—in order to fully understand the project, then we prepare an estimate based on the information provided. Once approved, the production phase begins!

Designs to Fit Your Needs

The next stage is contract review, just to go over all the details. Then designs are created, which all go through an approval process. Procurement brings in the raw material, and all fabrication takes place on Metal Works’ 18 acre campus. This allows us total control over the timing of the process, ensuring every job is done on time.

Hassle-Free Delivery

Once the parts are finished and our team has done a full quality control check, the completed parts are loaded onto a Metal Works truck and delivered to the job site.

To learn more about the way Metal Works fabrication process, check out this informational video or visit our process page.

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