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Interested in wholesale or retail sales?

Wholesale/Retail Sales:
Phone: 530-538-0101
Fax: 530-538-4492

Need to reach one of our corporate team members or the structural division?

Corporate/Structural Division:
Phone: 530-534-6266
Fax: 530-534-7122

Want to talk with a specific department?

Check out these extensions.

Department Extension Number
Estimating x107 (530) 532-3707
Project Management x126 (530) 532-3726
Production x108 (530) 532-3708
Purchasing x125 (530) 532-3725
Outside Sales (530) 510-0096
Retail Sales x127 & x158 (530) 538-0101
Shipping x135 (530) 532-3735
Human Resources x140 (530) 532-3740
Accounting x101 (530) 532-3701
Operator x100 (530) 532-3700

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