Our Team

The Metal Works team is comprised of trained professionals with years of experience, a commitment to our customers and each other, and a handful of witty welding jokes.

Meet some of our key members here!

Michael Phulps

Business Owner

At Metal Works, I feel I have the greatest job. I get to work with each member of my Senior Management team to develop growth strategies for the entire organization.

Favorite Tool: My favorite piece of equipment would be the technology we have embraced throughout the organization. With this technology, we have the ability to process steel at the speed and quality that we are known for.

Kevin Potes

Vice President of Fabrication, Senior Management Team Member

I maintain the schedule and job costing for all fabricated products and ensure all Metal Works employees are given the training needed to be the best they can be while maintaining high quality standards.

Favorite Tool: Adding automated equipment has been a big game changer. It has automated our structural and rail fabrication which, in turn, has allowed us to increase our production and create a better work environment for the employees.

Jeromie Crismon

Director of Sales and Purchasing, Senior Management Team Member

I manage and oversee the sales and purchasing operations while creating a positive and goal-driven work environment for Metal Works employees.

Favorite Tool: My personal favorite tool at Metal Works is the employees I work with. I have spent over forty hours each week working alongside these individuals over the last twenty-plus years and many have become more like family than co-workers. Their diversity in age, race, and gender as well as their vast knowledge and experience makes me proud each day to be a part of this team.

Jesse Bessmer

Director of Project Management and Quality Assurance, Senior Management Team Member

My primary responsibility is to oversee all structural steel projects and quality requirements for the company while meeting and maintaining industry standards.

Favorite Tool: My favorite machines include our automated equipment and software. As a robotic plasma cutting machine, it’s not only broadened our offering of in-house technology and allowing Metal Works to continuously innovate impactful products in an an ever-evolving industry.

Kristine Shoemaker

VP of Human Resources and Safety Culture, Senior Management Team Member

I have the pleasure of supporting Metal Works and our employees through training and development to optimize retention and efficiencies while keeping our safety standards set very high.

Favorite Tool: In my opinion, our greatest tool for success is our campus culture. We’ve set our ideals very high and breathe those standards throughout our campus. We pride ourselves in our values of quality, dedicated leadership, opportunity for growth, ownership, and accountability. We are only in competition with ourselves, and the sky is the limit!

Jackie Brazzel

Controller, Senior Management Team Member

I oversee all functions of the Accounting/Finance Activities, Structural Billing, and Financial Statements.

Favorite Tool: My favorite welding/steel fabrication is The Burn Table, because of the intricate, detailed custom items that can be made for just about anything!

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