Safety: The Most Important Part of Our Business

When we say “safety first,” we mean it.

Here at Metal Works, we view ourselves as a family. We work together every day and have worked to build a culture of safety to benefit everyone in the company. Leading the way now is our Vice President of Human Resources and Safety Culture, Kristine Shoemaker. Kristine, along with other members of our team, have developed and implemented an exemplary process to help prioritize safety from every angle.

Safety training for new employees

Kristine and the team make sure new hires have all the information they need to keep themselves and their new coworkers safe from day one. Every new hire, regardless of their role—from the Estimate Department to the warehouse floor—is given a tour of the entire facility to familiarize them with safety equipment and their location.

New hires can expect an onboarding packet with comprehensive safety information and will complete several safety sessions before they work on campus. We don’t presume anyone knows our safety protocols, so we always start from the beginning, explaining everything from proper use of safety glasses to tool-specific training such as grinder guarding standards. We provide all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and provide a safe space for employees to share crucial health information, such as allergies, that could be important in an emergency. They learn what to do in the event they or someone else is hurt on the job along with the names and locations of the people around them who are certified in CPR.

Ongoing safety training for all employees

Even after onboarding is complete, safety training and safety activities continue. Led by a multitude of Supervisors who are all safety conscience, safety meetings take place monthly at minimum, and sometimes more frequently. The topics are tailored to each season—like discussing ways to avoid heat exhaustion in the summer months—and also include hands-on exercises such as fire extinguisher demonstrations.

Better worker’s compensation

Because our safety standards are high, we were able to join a group captive insurance program for our workers’ compensation, which means we share risk with other safety-conscious companies in our industry and voluntarily open our safety procedures to their inspection. The safety committee meets on a regular basis to ensure our practices are in line with the captive’s standards.

Frequent equipment inspections

All of our safety equipment is frequently audited, and all staff at Metal Works are encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns whenever they arise. If an incident does occur, there’s an investigation done immediately to explore the incident and take preventative measures so it doesn’t happen again. This is done to ensure we keep our employees as safe as possible at all times. 
Metal Works puts safety at the forefront of everything we do. If you’re looking for a rewarding—and safe!—career in the metal fabrication industry, check out our hiring page.

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