Take a Virtual Tour: Shopping at the Metal Works Retail Store

If you haven’t had a chance yet, make some time to visit our retail store, Metal Works Supply, at 558 Georgia Pacific Way in Oroville. Whether you’re a contractor, DIYer, or garage enthusiast, it’s your one-stop shopping experience for all things metal fabrication! Open to the public Monday-Friday, we carry a wide variety of parts and pieces for all your metal fabrication needs.

See for yourself: Tour of Metal Works Supply in Pictures

Watch your step! As you enter, you’ll notice a room full of colorful aisles, just waiting to be explored. 

On your left, you’ll see every kind of round stock, flat bar, tubing, and angle iron you might need…please no flash photography! We’ve got equipment on-site to cut custom sizes if you need.

Next on the tour, we’ve got the famous wall of stock fasteners and hardware, ready for any project. If your summer plans include any towing, Metal Works Supply also has an excellent inventory of trailer parts on hand. 

Be sure to stop by and visit with our friendly staff. On the Left is Marissa, a hardworking and knowledgeable member of the Metal Works Supply crew who can help you find any part you need. She’s also really great at making signs, like this one you might have seen when you came in:

Now, grab your popcorn because our tour concludes with a short video!

You don’t have to be a contractor to purchase at Metal Works Supply (though you are totally welcome if you are), so be sure to come visit us soon!

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