The Ironworker Machine: The Swiss Army Knife of Steel Fabrication

Meet a Metal Works superhero: the Ironworker.

An Ironworker isn’t just a tool; it’s a collection of tools assembled into one super-capable machine. It’s a shear, a punch, and a metal bender in a convenient, ergonomic package, which makes processing metal faster, easier, and more economical than a shop full of discrete tools.

What tasks can an Ironworker perform?

Capable of delivering an immense amount of force (100+ tons!), Ironworkers can cut, shear, and notch flat plate, bar stock, angle iron, and more. Because these machines are purpose-built to do these jobs, and they do it without gas, fire, or electric arc, they’re generally the safest way to perform this work. Employee safety and wellness is a massive priority at Metal Works.

What projects are they good for?

Ironworkers can prepare parts for the structures we build, make custom materials for special orders, and fulfill our custom cut-to-length orders at Metal Works Supply, our on-site retail operation.

How do they improve processes?

An Ironworker speeds up production and improves the quality and consistency of the parts it produces. It helps us make parts better, faster, and more accurately than with other methods. Our Ironworker machines (we prefer the Piranha brand, which is the best-known one). We can pass on these efficiency and cost savings onto you, our customers! 

Metal Works is committed to providing the highest level of service possible, and we’ve learned that giving our team the right tools goes a long way toward satisfying our customers.

Want to find out firsthand what our materials, people, and machines can do for you? Contact Metal Works today!

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