Watch Now: Metal Works Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Metal Fabrication Projects

Do you have a construction project requiring steel fabrication? Metal Works is Northern California’s premier fabricator for all things steel. We have extensive experience with projects of all sizes, including some of the municipal infrastructure you may use every day. Whether you’re building a school, warehouse, amusement park, drainage system, or train station, Metal Works is your go-to. We’re infrastructure specialists!  

Check out our latest video to learn more about the types of projects we can do for you!

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Call Metal Works for drainage solutions, including:

Hillside Anchor Assemblies
Curb Angles
Debris Racks
Trench Drains
Curb Inlet Hoods

We also manufacture specialty products, such as:

Countertop Brackets
Trash Enclosures
OEM manufacturing for companies worldwide

Custom made-to-order products are available as well. To see what Metal Works can do for your project, contact us today!

What steel should I choose?
What tools do you use?
Can you build me something custom?

We know steel! Get answers to all these questions and more.

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