How Metal Works Partners with Butte College

Society as a whole has spent decades telling young people the path to success is only through a Bachelor’s degree and a white-collar job, so it’s no surprise we’re currently experiencing a nationwide shortage of skilled trades workers.

Partnership with Butte College Welding Program

As one of California’s premiere manufacturers of steel structures, Metal Works noticed the opportunity to educate more people about the incredible opportunities in the steel fabrication industry as worthy job pursuits. For more than a decade, we’ve been partnered with the Butte College Welding program to help address this shortage of workers entering our industry and help steer young people into rewarding careers in the metal fabrication trades.

We take our responsibility as an industry leader seriously and see the preparation of tomorrow’s workforce as one of the keys to the success of our business.  As a society, we’re not going to stop making things out of steel anytime soon, and the techniques and technologies keep evolving, so it makes sense to partner with an institute like Butte College, where future steel fabricators are first shown the ropes in state-of-the-art facilities.

Image courtesy of Butte College Welding Club

Helping Students Prepare for Future Jobs in Steel Fabrication

We regularly donate materials to their programs, and are always on call to share our expertise, whether it be about new tools and technologies, or helping the school and students pinpoint the needs of our complex, fluid business. We also host mock interviews to help prepare Butte students to get the jobs they want.

Metal Works is proud of our status as the largest steel fabricator in Butte County, still in touch with the “can-do” approach that took us from a small two-person blacksmithing operation to the 65,000 square foot facility full of the latest technologies, including automated cutting CNC tools. Our success is the result of investing in our people, and our internal training is top-notch. Steering young workers in the direction of solid, rewarding careers in the steel fabrication trades is a priority, and our long-standing relationship with Butte College is just one of the ways we work to accomplish this goal.

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