Things You Can Make With a 12kW CNC Laser

We Can Cut with Light!

Every once in a while, a piece of technology comes along and revolutionizes an industry.

At Metal Works, we’re delighted with our new Bystronic 12kW CNC laser. It’s an amazing piece of technology that’s allowed us to streamline our build process to make parts faster and with more precision. The result: better parts and products for YOU!

Things Lasers Can Do

A quick refresher on the laser: first and foremost, our laser is a beast. 12kW provides enough power to cut through a steel plate 1” thick, in any shape you want. 

 And what might you want? You may need…

  • Architectural parts for a building or warehouse: truss components, gussets, and the like. 
  • Motorcycle parts: such as tabs, sprockets, and fairings.  
  • Race car components: frame tabs, roll bar gussets, and body panels. 
  • Boat parts: sheet metal hulls, steering components, and all kinds of brackets.

Things Lasers Can Do for You

We use our laser to do a lot of fun things, but the regular, meat and potatoes day-in-day-out things are what bring the most value—precise parts cut quickly and correctly to speed up on-site building, minimal corrections, and the ability to run lights out, 24/7, allowing our skilled labor to focus on other tasks. These things translate to dollars in pockets for our customers (and yours), which keeps them coming back for more custom parts at great prices.

Take Us for a Spin

To find out just how much Metal Works (and our 12kW Bystronic laser) can help your business, contact us. You’re invited to give us a call anytime or come by our campus in Butte County, California to start a conversation about your needs and how Metal Works can help you with them!

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